Game Compendium is your go-to place for beginner’s tips, game guides, and walkthroughs. It features hand-picked game news, brief yet insightful reviews, and unbiased opinions. It is a home for all things gaming. There is no beating around the bush to meet a word count goal. And here’s why—I, Damian, am the sole author and thus my own boss.

What sets Game Compendium apart from the others is the desire to delve into even the lesser-known games. And furthermore, point matters, with answers to frequently asked questions provided in the first H2 heading of each article. If it ever changes, well, I guess we’ll duel at The Camping Grounds. It’s not that I want to.

So, if you’re looking for a site summarizing all events in the video game industry on a given day, this ain’t it. But I hope that when you eventually come across Game Compendium, you’ll find what you need. Thanks for stopping by.