Does Starfield Support Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox Series X|S?

A character from the game Starfield in a spacesuit, staring at a monitor with the text keyboard & mouse support

The Xbox Series X|S console officially supports the use of a keyboard and mouse, but not all game developers choose to implement this option. What about Starfield? Does Starfield support K&M? I checked and found the answer.

Can You Play Starfield Using a Keyboard and Mouse?

Unfortunately, no. At launch, Bethesda officially confirmed that you cannot use either a keyboard or mouse in Starfield. Personally, I had high hopes for the May update (released on May 15, 2024), but nothing changed in this regard – despite the 60 frames per second support, Starfield still only allows control via a controller.

Why Is Keyboard and Mouse Support in Starfield So Important to Some People?

Let me explain from my own experience. Not everyone has a computer that meets Starfield’s requirements. Certainly not one that can comfortably run Starfield at a minimum of 60 frames per second. The update that introduced performance mode on Xbox Series X|S consoles gave hope that keyboard and mouse support would appear as well. Playing with these peripherals at such smooth performance is incredibly enjoyable.

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Among the games that officially support keyboard and mouse on Xbox consoles are titles like: Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Halo Infinite, Metro Exodus, and Sea of Thieves. I completed Cyberpunk 2077 entirely using K&M, and it was one of the best experiences. I can’t imagine playing this game again with a controller. In the later stages of the game, the difference is especially noticeable, as the mouse allows for dynamic and spectacular actions during fights with opponents.

For Starfield, keyboard and mouse support would be beneficial because the game demands typical Bethesda-style scavenging in its open worlds. Navigating through dozens of small items that might be valuable using the controller stick can be tiring. This is not an issue with a mouse.

Will such support ever come to Starfield? Bethesda’s response suggests no, but we can hope that the developers will change their minds.

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