How to Unlock CM Punk in WWE 2K24?

Wrestler CM Punk against a navy blue and red background with the WWE 2K24 game logo

CM Punk returned to WWE in November of last year at the Survivor Series: WarGames event. This was almost 10 years since his last appearance in the promotion. CM Punk’s return was highly anticipated. I must admit unabashedly that he is one of my favorite personalities in WWE. In the game WWE 2K24, there’s only one thing missing—him. And as it turns out, he’ll also be returning to the game.

Unlocking CM Punk in WWE 2K24

How to unlock CM Punk in WWE 2K24? It doesn’t require any secret actions. All you need to do is acquire the first DLC for the game called ECW Punk Pack. CM Punk is one of several wrestlers who will appear in the DLC. This means you have to pay for it. CM Punk isn’t included by default in the base version of the game.

The selection screen in the WWE 2K24 game shows Cody Rhodes chosen for the RAW arena
WWE 2K24 select screen + Image: Visual Concepts / 2K Games via Game Compendium

A similar situation occurred with, among others, Sandman, Post Malone, Pat McAfee, Carlito, and Lex Luger. They will all be made available to players only in their respective DLCs, scheduled for release throughout the year 2024. To obtain all of them, you need to have purchased the WWE 2K24 Season Pass.

Anticipating questions, there is no obligation to purchase the Season Pass to play as CM Punk. With the release of the DLC, it will be available for separate purchase.

When Will CM Punk Be Available?

CM Punk will appear in the ECW Punk Pack DLC, scheduled for release on May 15, 2024. The contents of the pack are as follows:

  • CM Punk
  • Bubba Ray Dudley
  • D-Von Dudley
  • Sandman
  • Terry Funk
  • MyFACTION Content: ECW Paul Heyman Manager Card, Superstar Cards
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Then, there’s nothing stopping you from either purchasing the pack separately or, beforehand, getting the Season Pass and securing all the upcoming wrestlers for WWE 2K24. This year’s edition has received a truly impressive roster, and it’s great to know that it will be further expanded. Personally, I can’t imagine it without the aforementioned gentleman CM Punk. Do you already have plans for him in your Universe mode in the game? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

Featured image source: WWE, Visual Concepts


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